19 . Agender . Artist/Animator
"Art is more than just a drawing!"

Hello, I'm Shadow! My name's really not supposed to sound like an edgy kid from 2009 Deviantart but it's what I chose!I'm an artist/animator with over 700 characters, (Yes, I Care for them all!) and I am planning on developing large comics and books (and hopefully a show!) with these characters.


Read my TOS before commissioning me.


  • Furries/Anthros

  • Humans

  • Ferals (Cats, dogs, ponies, etc)

  • Birds/Fish

  • Other organic shapes/creatures

  • Gore (Soft, Extreme, anything inbetween)

  • Real pets

  • Other users characters if consent is shown.


  • NSFW

  • Fetish art

  • Hateful messages

  • Real people

  • Political art

  • In another artists style


  • SOCIAL: Please provide at least one social site that allows messaging that I may contact you on. Eg, Discord, Tumblr, etc.

  • ORDER: The contents here will be what you are commissioning. Please make sure you include everything. (Specify if the art will be chibi or not, otherwise I will assume it will be in the normal style.)

  • PAYMENT: Specify what method of payment you will be using. (DApts or Paypal) Please include an estimated amount of how much you will be paying. I will correct you if you are incorrect in the pricing.

  • REFERENCE: Place the reference of the character here.

  • EXTRA: Mention if a character detail is drawn a specific/different way than on the reference, desired pose or expression, palette, etc.


COLORED SKETCH - $4-6 USD / 400-600pts

Pay what you want, feel free to offer art, characters, or points/money.


COLORED - $10 USD / 1000pts
LINEART - $5 USD / 500pts
Note: You have my permission to color the lineart, no need to ask, but you must still credit me for the lineart (think of it like a base.)

COLORED - $13 USD / 1300pts
LINEART - $7 USD / 700pts
Note: You have my permission to color the lineart, no need to ask, but you must still credit me for the lineart (think of it like a base.)

COLORED - $15 USD / 1500pts
LINEART - $8 USD / 800pts
Note: You have my permission to color the lineart, no need to ask, but you must still credit me for the lineart (think of it like a base.)

COLORED - $23 USD / 2300pts
LINEART - $12 USD / 1200pts
Note: You have my permission to color the lineart, no need to ask, but you must still credit me for the lineart (think of it like a base.)

CELL SHADING - $6 USD / 600pts
Style A - Harder edges

HARD SHADING - $8 USD / 800ptsThis ADDS onto your size price.
Ex. Hard shaded fullbody would be $23 + $8 = $31

BACKGROUND - $8 USD / 800pts

PROPS $0-5 USD / 0-500pts
Depending on complexity of prop/amount of props the price will change.

Add half of the original price excluding shading price.
Ask me if you need help calculating this.


I'm going to be listing prices depending on size from now on, however, the examples do not follow the size rule.[100x100] - $8 / 800pts
[200x200] - $10 / 1000pts
[500x500] - $15 / 1500pts
Animated tail: +$10 / 1000pts


Animation base prices:
Tail wag:
[4 frames] - $10 / 1000pts
[8 frames] - $15 / 1500pts
[16 frames] - $20 / 2000pts
Eye blinking:
[4 frames] - $5 / 500pts
[8 frames] - $8 / 800pts
[4 frames] - $30 / 2000pts
[8 frames] - $50 / 3000pts
[16 frames] - $70 / 4000pts
Prices and examples coming soon <3

Ref sheet

1 POSE REF - $23 USD / 2300pts
(Will be duplicated on each side to show differences. Differences between the two sides can be chosen. One side wearing clothes, etc)
FRONT & BACK - $30 USD / 3000pts4 POSE TURN AROUND - $40 USD / 4000ptsADD-ONS:
PROPS $0-5 USD / 0-500pts
(per, price depends on complexity,
Ex: Detailed gun with tiny parts: $5, Simple stick prop: FREE)
EXTRA POSES - $10-20 USD / 1000-2000pts (per)
EXTRA OUTFITS CHIBIS - $4-6 USD / 400-600pts (per)
EXTRA OUTFITS NORMAL - $10-20 USD / 1000-2000pts (per)
(Free if prewritten)
If there's more you'd like to discuss please bring it up with me on Discord (ShadowDarespark#7971) or whatever preferred messaging site you found me on.


ICON - $3 USD - 300pts
Symmetry will be used!

HEADSHOT - $5 USD / 500pts

FULLBODY - $10 USD / 1000pts
SHADING - $4 USD / 400pts
PROPS - $0-5 USD / 0-500pts
SIMPLE BACKGROUND - $5-10 USD / 500-1000pts


HEADSHOT - $20 USD / 2000pts

HALF-BODY - $25 USD / 2500pts (No example)
FULLBODY - $30 USD / 3000pts
SHADING - $10 USD / 1000pts
SCENE BG - $20 USD / 2000pts
PROPS - $0-5 USD / 0-500pts


ART TOS:I. GENERAL TERMS. Write in a respectful manner please, I do not want to listen to someone cursing up a storm. While cursing is fine, please do not direct it at me or anyone in general. When you request a commission remember to provide a clear reference of your character, I will not be drawing based on description unless it is for a reference. You should make sure you know the price you are paying for before I get started. If there is a misunderstanding I can't provide discounts.II. PAYMENT. I only take Paypal USD and Deviantart points($1 = 100 pts), Though I'm considering starting commissions for Discord Nitro. Payment must be paid before I start unless the price is over $30. If payment is over $30 then payment may be sent half upfront and half after I send wips. You won't get the finished piece until I am given the full amount of pay.III. PROCESS. Wips will always be given. The time it takes to finish your commission may vary from a week to a month due to the order/complexity of the commission, work, or health. If I feel it may take longer I will tell you and do my best to refund you if you wish for me to. Sketches can be completely redrawn for free per your request, but I can only ensure up to 5 redrawn sketches before you must pick one. This is to prevent you from using me for multiple free finished sketches of your character. I have sketch commissions for this.IV. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. I will try my best to make every customer I have happy but I can't guarantee that everyone will appreciate what I do. I can make changes to work after I send it, but major changes require an extra cost such as something that makes me redraw the picture. Color changes are free.------ADOPTS/CUSTOMS TOS:By purchasing or owning a design from me you agree to all of the following rules:
You will not remove credit to my account under any circumstance. This is common decency, I don't care if you don't respect me, my designs are to be credited correctly.
You will not resell my designs for a greater price than what you bought for unless they are given a reasonable amount of extra art.
You will not edit my images without permission.
I will not take the design from you if you break my rules, but I will add you to a blacklist and you will not be able to purchase from me again.
If you are to transfer this design to another user make sure to give them a copy of my tos.
You are allowed to:
Redesign the design, but not to the point that it is unrecognizable
Use the design in media such as games, comics, shows, books, etc.
Use the design in any story you wish.
Create real objects based off of the design. (Plushies, sculptures, fursuits, cosplays, etc.)
Resell if the character has been given a reasonable amount of extra art.
You are NOT allowed to:
Delete and/or reupload the character on toyhouse.
Use any art of mine on things such as shirts, mugs, posters, etc.
Use my designs to promote the hatred or aggression towards real life people.


All trades will be conducted in a manner that will allow both sides to complete the same amount of work.
(Fullbody for a fullbody, etc.)
Trades must be fully discussed before work starts.
The details that must be discussed is:
Level of completion: Sketch, Lined, or Lineless.
Color: Uncolored/Colored.
Shade: Unshaded, Soft shaded, Hard shaded.
My trades require that you send your side before I send mine UNLESS I was the one to offer the trade first. This is to prevent scams, I have had people back out on me before and I don't appreciate it. Alternatively, we can agree to not send either side until we are both finished.REQUESTS:
Requests are almost never opened, but the times they are will be a free for all.
You can request anything from headshots, fullbodies, sketches, portraits, and gifs.
The only thing I will not do as a request is a painting.
Those take far too long to do.